REIStar: Enabling People To Invest In Foreclosure Properties Using High Tech Solutions
Easily find a
Foreclosure Real
Estate Investment Property 
Easily find a
Foreclosure Real
Estate Investment Property 
What's A Foreclosure...?
What Exactly Is The Difference Between A Property And A Foreclosure?
REIStar is a Website and Mobile App Designed For Real Estate Investors
Yes, REIStar was created for Real Estate Investors To Invest In Foreclosure Properties With Easy To Use Tools. Now The Best Real Estate Deals Are Available To You The Public And Not Held Hostage By The Insiders. Let me show you how it works:
  • ​We Guide you through the step-by-step Foreclosure Investing  process (so you don’t get confused or LOST!)
  • ​Point and click and you will find Foreclosure Investment Opportunities right in your backyard.
  • ​Now you have the Tools and Support to begin Investing In Foreclosures as a complete beginner! 
How is buying Foreclosure properties easy with REIStar software?
Training- Online Course+Database of Training and tools
    We have developed online courses, tutorials and many other training tools to ensure that you are successful from day 1. This training centre has been designed to help a beginner understand what they need to know and what it takes to become a Star Real Estate Investor.
Generate Leads
Leads are the most important lifeline for a Real Estate Investor. We at REIStar understand this and have developed leads that will help you succeed in Foreclosure investing. Our Search tools and lead source data is revolutionary providing our community of investors with the best data in the industry.
Analyze Leads
Finding the best Investment is a simple click away. Not all deals are what they seem, before REIStar you would need a team of experts to analyze deals with a lot of number crunching and data analysis. With REIStars Algorithms analyzing a deal has become a simple click. 
Write Offers
Once you find that exciting new deal that is going to help you achieve financial freedom the next step is to get it under contract. We have set up tools and training to help any level of investor from beginner to expert put a property under contract. 
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Buy-Wholesale-Joint Venture with our community
You got a deal! Wow simple as that now you got a deal so what do you do next? REIStar is a community and we all work together to help one another succeed in the competitive space of Real Estate Investing. We created a community of like minded Real Estate Investors who are looking to do deals with one another. An REIStar member can tap into this community and easily do a real estate transaction. 
What describes your level of Real Estate Investing?
Congratulations! You are already taking the first steps to becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor!
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This software is designed by a Real Estate Investor and is for Real Estate Investors from beginners to seasoned veterans. With REIStar as your investment tool you too will become a STAR Real Estate Investor. All it takes is a few simple steps and some training and before you know it you will be cashing checks!
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  •  Buy, Sell or Wholesale!
REIStar Gives You The Tools You Need To Become A Successful Real Estate Investor!